中村 綾花 
Since I was a kid, I love the soil, plants, insects, and animals. So I have watched and touched shapes and mysteries of living things in the tiny tiny world with lasting interest and surprise in nature. My major at high school and the university was agriculture. I was a strawberry farmer for 9 years before I stating art activities while traveling.
It was very natural for me to make necessities such as clothes or hats for myself and my family by my hands in living as a farmer in a peaceful forest, producing our own food, and playing with plants and insects in the garden. My mother and grandmother always enjoy sewing for necessities and it made our life bright and colorful. My grandfather made wooden boxes and carved them. He also weaved baskets and mats with plants and used them in our life. I was grown up in that circumstance.  Therefore my artwork comes from life, nature, and culture that was taken over by people.
Dynamic carves of plants, graceful roundness of fruits, water flow, ripples, and drops of water, shapes of small neighbors living underground, warm soft shape of human bodies…  Ripe swell and pits, coming and going, melting and swirling… These “eros” of lives attract me a lot.
Always opening ourselves to something but ourselves, accepting others… we would like to travel like that, learn local culture where we are carried and make expression coming from our life with nature.
1982年  沖縄にうまれ三歳まで海辺で その後は長野で山を見て育つ
2000年  長野県南安曇農業高校 生物工学科 卒業
2004年  信州大学 農学部 卒業
2008年- 独学で帽子の制作を開始
2008 -17  新規就農し苺農家を営む
2014 -17  麻倉美術部
2017年- 美術家の杉原信幸と活動を共にし、
      旅のなかに暮らし 土地に学び 創作活動を行う 
2019年- 原始感覚美術祭コーディネーター
2019-    Shinano Omachi Asahi-AIR, coordinator
      Shinano Primitive Sense Art Festival, coordinator
      NPO primitive sense company, director
2017-    Working with artist Nobuyuki Sugihara,
      living together on a trip and creating art activities
2014-17  Asagura art club
2008-17  Strawberry farmer
2008-    Hat Maker
2000-04  Shinshu University Faculty of Agriculture
1997-2000 Nagano Minami Azumi Agricultural High School
1892     Born in Okinawa and grew up in Nagano  Japan
信濃の国 原始感覚美術祭 Shinano Primitive Sense Art Festival
信濃大町あさひAIR Shinano Omachi Asahi-AIR